Is it okay to drink Abbott similac mum maternal milk everyday? Will it contribute to GD?

I'm currently 6 months pregnant and started drinking Abbott similar mum maternal milk every morning. I read online that drinking normal fresh milk is better than taking maternal milk as the latter is high in sugar content. Should I stop drinking it totally just drink it as a form of meal replacement (i.e. breakfast)? Also, my GD test is next week and I am trying to keep my sugar intake low.

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Was told by gynae not to drink maternal milk due to high sugar content. Fresh milk is enough, just make sure u eat a balanced diet and don't forget the supplements tt gynae prescribed. My cousin who's known to be a health junkie who really takes care of her diet even before pregnancy, got GD, suspect it's due to the maternal milk tt she drank while for me, I still indulge in sweet drinks and desserts but don't drink any maternal milk, I have no GD. But of cz ur genes too may play a part.

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Thanks! In that case I will switch to fresh milk :)