A friend has been on anti-depression medication for the last two years, but now wants to try for a baby. Is it advisable for her to stay on the meds while trying to conceive?

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I have a friend who took anti-depression and after doctor assessed her and agreed to let her off medicine. After trying for 1 year she managed to conceive with a healthy baby. Her family is very supportive and she is quite a happy person after having her baby. You have to check with your doctor on your situation if still need to rely on medicine. All assessments needed to be done properly. It is definitely not safe to take any medication during pregnancy unless the benefits of it outweigh everything. Thus, it is best to seek professional advises. Reported Dangers to the Baby Among the most publicized risks of taking an antidepressant during pregnancy is persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn (PPHN). It's a life-threatening condition in which a baby has high blood pressure in the lungs, causing severe breathing problems. http://www.m.webmd.com/baby/news/20150612/antidepressants-while-pregnant

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Actually, I don't think this is an issue we can advise your friend on, because we're not healthcare professionals. If she goes off meds, there's a risk that her condition may go haywire which is very dangerous. If she continues on her meds, it may be too severe and cause fetal problems. Therefore, my suggestion is for your friend to consult a fertility specialist or inform the doctor she is seeing for her depression that she wishes to conceive. They will then find the best solution for her.

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I try with Jamie. Medicines are best advised by doctors themselves to avoid any mishaps. Perhaps other mummies who have gone through a similae path can share their experience but it's important to know that each individual is different. Your meds might differ, your conditions might differ and your situations might differ.

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