I have a cousin who along with his wife, are trying to conceive. They're both 35 y.o. They've been trying now for years. His wife had a check-up and everything's fie with her. Should I advise him to seek for Doctor's advise as well?

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Infertility is diagnosed when a couple has been actively trying to conceive without conception for 12 consecutive months. Obviously, as a baby is made from both the mother's egg and father's sperm, your cousin should go for a check-up to see if there is a problem with his boys. Cutting off alcohol and smoking is a good place to start. Sauna, hot tubs and laptops on laps also have been shown to decrease sperm quality. http://www.whattoexpect.com/preconception/boosting-male-fertility.aspx

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Agree with Jamie. If the wife is perfectly fine, then the husband should also go for the check up. It takes both man and woman to create a baby and logically, if one (or both) isn't functionally right, it would be hard to get pregnant. Get a gynae's help, and consider external options such as IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) and Singapore government do give subsidized treatments for married couples. http://www.heybaby.sg/havingchildren/acp.html

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Thank you very much!