Morning sickness

Its my 8th week and my First ever pregnancy. I have been having really bad morning sickness which felt like 24/7 ever since and very fatigue. Anyone of you had the same situation? Any recommendations of food that is good for me(im not able to eat much lately)? I have tried the most sour prune available, ginger tea, fizzy drinks and also all sorts of candy but nothing actually made me feel better. The only good thing is that I don’t actually vomit but only just gag in the toilet.

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I only had appetite for chocolates and sour plum during my 1st tri. I was vomiting alot and didnt eat much nutritious food until about 17 weeks when my vomiting started to decrease. Not very healthy but no choice as everything else and anything else I eat I vomit straight. Even my love for fried chicken... i vomited it straight out after a few bites. So 1st tri if you have bad morning sickness like me, just eat anything you can to survive and for your baby but of course unhealthy stuff eat in moderation esp sweet stuff to prevent pregnancy diabetes.

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That feeling of wanting to vomit lasted me from week 6 to week 12. What really helped was medication from the gynae as well as motion sickness bands. Other than that, I made sure that whenever my stomach was empty, I filled it with some form of carbs like bread or biscuits, but I break it in bits to munch on and eat until I feel comfortable. For me, an empty stomach was a no no. Usually this gagging feeling is considered normal in the first tri. Hopefully you feel better by the second tri.

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I had bad morning sickness too during my first and second trimester. I ate plain biscuits when I wake up every morning and drink cold juices. If nothing helps, I just sleep it off. Hang in there! Things will get better.

I know it’s bad but I always drink Super cold Ribena and it helps me a lot! You might wanna try (: My morning sickness only started going down after w15. It was so bad till I quit my job when I was w7

I had that as well during my 7th to 11th week, only difference is i am hungry most of the time until my stomach growls. It will get better as you reach the second trimester. Hang on there!

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Same! I feel hungry and i have gastric almost everytime but i just can’t eat without feeling nauseated 😩 really hope second trimester will be better 🙏🏻

Its normal. Can get medication from gyne to ease morning sickness. Most go away after 1st trimester. Cheers