Morning sickness

Its my 8th week and my First ever pregnancy. I have been having really bad morning sickness which felt like 24/7 ever since and very fatigue. Anyone of you had the same situation? Any recommendations of food that is good for me(im not able to eat much lately)? I have tried the most sour prune available, ginger tea, fizzy drinks and also all sorts of candy but nothing actually made me feel better. The only good thing is that I don’t actually vomit but only just gag in the toilet.

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That feeling of wanting to vomit lasted me from week 6 to week 12. What really helped was medication from the gynae as well as motion sickness bands. Other than that, I made sure that whenever my stomach was empty, I filled it with some form of carbs like bread or biscuits, but I break it in bits to munch on and eat until I feel comfortable. For me, an empty stomach was a no no. Usually this gagging feeling is considered normal in the first tri. Hopefully you feel better by the second tri.

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