Week 10 morning sickness

Currently at week 10 FTM. The past 2 weeks morning sickness worsen. Previously it was close to vomiting but it didnt. Now at week 10 feeling miserable as i couldn't eat couldn't drink couldnt sleep. Whatever goes in it comes out. Constant vomiting is really depressing & feeling at wits. Even the smell of food, laundry all makes me sick. The only thing that i am able to consume is milo and white bread. Doctor prescribed diclectin but it didnt help. Ginger tea, essential oils, medicated oils, sour prune also didnt help. Any advices pls? Tysm!

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you might have HG, i was diagnosed with mild HG. there was one time where i vomited more than 6 times a day, and I think that was a sign that I had to check in with my gynae. i was warded with some iv drip, vitamin drip and iv meds and was better after 2 days. doc prescribed me maxalon on top of diclectin which helped too. I'm feeling better now, ask for other forms of meds if diclectin doesnt help, dont hesitate to check with your gynae again. hang in there mama, i know how depressing constant vomiting felt! also try having smaller meals every 2 h instead of the full lunch/dinner. Milo was one of the saviour drinks indeed. Week 9 and 10 were the worst for me too, it will get better, hang in there!

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12mo ago

no worries, i hope u feel better soon too after getting other meds from gynae. I lost abt 1-2kg, now back at same weight, didn't really increase weight yet since appetite is still small. currently 13 weeks + 5. time will help, hang in there and just eat however small thing you can stomach :)

If ur not able to take in anything and everything else is making u sick, best to check in cos it might be HG. Cos Ms peaks at wk 10 to wk 14 and slowly reduce. Feel better soon momma!!

12mo ago

Thank u for sharing! Hope u are feeling better already. Sending u love & positive energy 💜

Same here. Best to go see a gynae at KKH. I was admitted because of Hyperemesis gravidarum. Feeling abit better than previously.

sour candies? or even gummies. no choice have to wait it out.. hopefully will be over for you soon

try munching on soda biscuits. Munch on them like hamster bites.