Baby fart alot?

My 6 weeks old baby girl fart very often, especially during feeding time. Wonder if it's normal. Does your baby fart alot too?

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Normal as days goes by... The moment will become very FUNNY as they will REALISE the sound of fart is Funny & whenever my LO farts she will LAUGHT OUT LOUD OR GIGGLES TO THE MAX lolzzzzzz need not worri mummy

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Yes hehe it's good that they're letting the air out! Babies don't know how to burp yet so the air has to come out another way 😜

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Haha very normal. Wet farts especially initially. Subsequently, baby will have some wet farts and some dry farts


Mine too not just fart poonami too! It stopped only when she was given solid.

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mine 12 days old and also keep farting 😅

yes farting is very common haha

Ya, my baby also.. fart alot..

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Yes, it’s normal.

Mine farted a lot