Afraid of SIDS

My 5 month old just learnt how to flip and she cannot stop flipping at night. She still has a lot of reflexes hence we have been using lovetodream sleepsack every night. We are trying to not let her be in the sleep sack so she can turn, but her startle reflexes are waking her up. Any suggestions? It’s reallyyy tiring to be waking up every hr at night to check on her

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Super Mum

When mine started flipping, I had no choice but to just take her out of the sleepsack and deal with the reflexes. It was just too dangerous and tiring. Interestingly, the reflexes settled pretty quickly once we stopped the swaddling at 4.5 months. Since it was harder for her to go to sleep without it, we started sleep training and got her to self soothe. Was a bit of a painful process, but she mastered it and it was better for everyone after that.

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