Labour signs

38 weeks now and it’s a waiting game, can mummies share with me your tell tale signs of actual labour starting? Besides the usual water breaking, show, labour contractions ?

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No signs at all until my water bag broke. And it came in a gush, not like trickling or leaking, so my bedroom sure looked like a murder scene 😆i managed to take a shower before heading to the hospital

lost my mucus plug! then gut feeling water broke bc i felt like verryyyyy little water oozing down to panty liner. initially tot was discharge but liner was clear n dam so went kk to check n bingo

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Most people will just go through the signs you mentioned, including cramps and increased back pain. Do check with your gynae on your next visit , take care!

Mine was contractions. How I know it's the real deal? The interval between them is every 5 mins apart and I was alrdy exactly 39 weeks that time.

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Hi... you might find this article informative

For me, its the on off contractions that just doesn't go away. Went to hospital n i was 3cm diluted

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Im supposed to be due last week. But still waiting😅

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Mine was contractions. Waterbag was burst by gynae.

No sign till I was admitted myself for induce in the hospital at 40w, suddenly signs of labor came in(bleeding and contractions) an hr after I was in the hospital, so Gynae said don’t need to induce since signs of labor came..