38 weeks 5 days no sign of labour

Hi, as above title, apart from sex (as im bv positive), what can i do to ease my labour journey? No signs of labour yet, not even water breaking or slight contractions. Should i be worried?

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There's every reason why EDD will be till 40 weeks. There are people up till 42 weeks (which is rare). Every pregnancy will be different. There are mummies that give birth as early as 36 weeks. If this is your first pregnancy, it might take longer. There are some ladies give birth after their EDD. I was told to induced at 41 weeks despite the dilation. My waterbag did not burst. Baby was fully engaged, waterbag so full. I only felt contractions in labour after doctor burst the waterbag for me. Don't worry mummy as long as you safely deliver baby. You can try walking alot, squat, going up down stairs, sex, eating spicy food (may/may not work). You can also request to do membranes swab once baby fully engaged. Sometimes that helps in speeding up labour. I would suggest to just relax and wait for the time when your baby ready. Prepare labour bag and also use the contractions app if let say you are feeling it. All the best mummy 🤗

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