39+5 and no signs of labour

Hi mummies, I’m currently 39+5 and no signs of labour. My gynae wants to induce me tomorrow (39+6) because he says risk of stillbirth increases after week 40. But I’ve heard that induction often fails and it can lead to a long and difficult labour. Any mummies had experience with induction? It’s really scaring me now

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Hi I was technically induced. Cos I thought I had my mucus plug out end up it was just shedding of my womb lining in preparation of my baby's arrival. They had to burst my water bag and everything. I end up doing vacuum . But hey everything was fine. Don't worry so much

The gynae wanted to induce me 1 day after my Edd but at I decided to walk a lot on my 39 weeks 4 days and went into labour the morning at 6am. So my advise is keep on walking as much as you can! Good luck!

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Tnx for sharing, walking is the key, i really agree on that...

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I was induced too! First baby usually stays in longer, it wasn't as frightening as I thought. They had inserted a prostaglandin pill the night before and pushed me to the labour suite the next day.

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hello, i was induced for my pregnancy due to my medical conditions. It was quite painful as I had low pain threshold so i also had epidural😅 overall it went well. My baby is born healthy (:

Same mommy.. 39 weeks and 5days. stuck in 2cm . No sign of labor. But my OB said she induce me in 40weks and 5days .

I am a success case study with induction. Dont worry. Everything will be fine.