Brown discharge at 38weeks

38 weeks. Having very little brown spotting (a few finger prints) on my panty liner. Should I wait & monitor? Or should I go hospital straight? No labour pain, water bag still good.

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I had brown discharge not mucus plug, called my Gynae was asked to go to her clinic. She Checked all is good except for fluid Low so was schedule for induce few days later. Base on my experience no harm calling to check n if needed to go get it check just go. Take care!

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if u feel different then go. that time i was 40weeks. i felt light contraction but realized it was slightly different even though bearable. then when i got to hospital i was told my waterbag alr broken and baby have pooped inside. if afraid i suggest to go hospital

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Just wait and monitor, that should be lost of mucus plug! If there’s any bleeding and consistent contractions then go to hospital!

meron lumalasab na sticky brown since yesterday morning and today and sunod2 ang contractions ko..manganganak na ba ako?

3y ago

im 39weeks pregnant

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Wait and monitor cervix is slowly dilating. Can prepare to go hospital when you start to feel contractions.

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I had brown discharge in the mrng, contraction @ night and deliver @ 6am plus in the mrng

If is alot then can go hospital ad. Good luck mommy

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I would wait and monitor, all the best !


Wait and monitor.