Light brown discharge

I am 7 weeks pregnant and i saw light brown discharge on my panty liner! Is this normal?

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Hey Regina, please get yourself check because mine started with pink and brown discharge at work and had some discomfort on my lower abdomen. hubs and I went to KKH straight. when i wanted to collect my urine, suddenly i saw some blood like period. doc did further checks, she said it was a threatened miscarriage and she prescribed me with dydrogesterone. to be safe, pls get urself checked

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2y ago

congratulations! am so glad you n baby are going well 😊

I had them starting from my 3 weeks up to almost the end of 1st trimester. It was implantation bleeding & retroplacental bleeding. Lucky we noticed it earlier, went to gynae and got it treated with duphaston and it stopped when ending 1st trimester. Gynae mentioned that blood color discharge can be sign of miscarriage. Better get it checked asap.

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i had that during my 7th week also. I went to A&E and thank God, baby's heartbeat is strong. i was prescribed with duphaston to stabilized pregnancy. I suggest to go to your doctor. you may also need some pills.

Please consult your gynaecologist. Meanwhile, avoid carry heavy stuff and rest more. My wife was on bed rest for a month. Hope your situation is not serious. Take care.


no I think you should see your gynae asap. I had discharge during 6 weeks and it was threatened abortion

Yes but if discharge increases consult your gynae immediately

It is better to check with your doctor.