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Real bubee pumps
Anyone using this pumps? Do I need to get the right size flange or they only have 1 siZe fits all nipples?😅 quite confuse with this pumps. I haven’t give birth yet so can’t use it yet.
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I use real bubee with spectra handsfree cups and youha handsfree cups.. U cn pair with spectra flanges but make sure its the right size..
Selling Scott’s Emulsion original
My Son doesn’t like it. One has been open only tried 3 times and the other one is still brand new. Bought it 4 days ago. Selling both at $17. Self collect at Bukit Batok. I do have some pregnancy milk
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Hi... you can post this on theAsianparent preloved baby goods FB page
Anyone was given laughing gas for plan c sect just not to feel the process of having the epidural needle being insert to you spinal cord? My previous
My previous experience was traumatising as it was an Emergency c sect. I still wanna be able to see my baby born but don’t wanna experience too much pain from the epidural process. I know I can talk t
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I gave birth using laughing gas but it all depends on your tolerance of pain. Please discuss with your gynecologist the best option for you. Take care
Tula Free to go
Hi, selling my Tula free to grow Brand new in box. Not open at all. I got it for my trip in July but seller couldn’t send to me on time hence I gotta get another one and I do not need 2 carrier. Bough
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Thanks for sharing. You might wanna post this on theAsianparent pre-loved baby stuff FB page