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38 weeks & 2 days!!! Oh no, anytime soon right? When did you guys give birth? I mean i am curious how did you all find out you are about to give birth? Water break? Contractions? Or induced? Ahhhhh im kinda excited & i’m having alot of diarrhea....... urgh hate it.

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I’m scheduled for c-section tomorrow (37w 4d) and just found about it yesterday afternoon 😂 due to high risk pregnancy. Gynae had been hinted me few times that I will deliver somewhere between 37 and 38 weeks but I was very chill and thinking that it might be on 37w 5d or 37w 6d. It’s quite shocking for me that it will happen so sudden, right after weekend is over and I got to use what’s left of my afternoon to break the news to my family and some returns my text with a call full of concerns and I need to repeat and explain to each of family members. But on the plus side, no panic of having water broke and had to rush to hospital immediately.

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Gave birth at 37th weeks. Been having the braxton hicks contractions so I reckon its anytime so when I woke up realising im slightly soaked with water, i figured thats that. Went to toilet, more water came out. Contractions followed suit and I got ready to go to hospital. Induce it at the hospital because cervix didnt open. Stayed there for 28 hours before they finally suck my baby out while I pushed. If baby didnt come out still, will have to go for emergency c sect so I pushed as hard as I could in the last min of the 2 hours pushing. Please remember to clear your bowels, nurse forgot to clear mine so it was messy!!! Good luck and stay safe!

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Gave birth 38w6d. Went for my gynae visit and she was surprise and wondering why I (or hospital) didn’t call her (for labour) the week before when I was 1cm dilated. On the day of visit, she checked again and asked me to admit immediately as I was 3cm dilated already. But I told her I didn’t feel any contraction nor water bag broke. But well since I standby my admission letter already, I just checked in and went to delivery suite right away. She broke my water bag to check if safe for vaginal delivery but looks like baby pooped hence we can’t do vaginal and had to changed to emergency cesarean.

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I gave birth at exactly 39 weeks, a week earlier than my EDD. Had pink discharge and loose stools in the morning followed by menses-like cramps. Called the hospital and was told to monitor first. Later in the evening, had brown discharge and more intensed cramps; decided to time my contractions. I was already 4-5cm dilated when arrived in the delivery suite that night. Gave birth naturally the following morning :)

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I have induced at 39.6 days because my contractions have not started so not to worry

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I gave birth at 37 weeks with my first.

I went through c-section at 36 weeks

a day before edd i gave birth...

39 weeks, 6 days before my EDD

Gave birth at 38 weeks day 3