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How did u feel when you were about to give birth? any signs? My due date is in next week. I am excited.

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I felt baby engaged and dropped and made walking quite uncomfortable for a few days. and then my waterbag burst at 37 weeks exactly! Was 2 cm dilated by the time I reached hospital, got epidural and had dilation of 1cm per hour. By midnight, I was fully dilated and after 20 mins of pushing, my dear baby was out at 1.43am. Frankly, my mind was quite blank when all these happened since I wasn't expecting baby to come early. 😅 All the best to you!

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Excited and anxious. I was induced just few days before 40 weeks. My baby was engaged and in position. I can feel baby pushing herself downwards. Waterbag burst on its own. Active Labour for 14 hours before my daughter was born. I couldn't handle the contraction so I took epidural. And the uncontrollable shakes that you have after giving birth. Once baby is born, it's all worth the pain, blood, sweat and tears.

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You mean EDD next week? If yes, and if your body ready to give birth then you will feel signs of contraction, waterbag burst, dilated by few cm. Unless, it is induce, force waterbag burst, then once contractions kicks in and dilate then pain level will be much painful. I mean all give birth experience will be different though.

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My Edd was yesterday am 40 weeks 1 day but have no signs of contractions, yesterday was my doctors appointment and they suggested to get induced. I decided to get induced today, wish me luck mama 🥰

2mo ago

good luck n all the best mummy....

for me, I went to pee in the morning and a chunk of discharge came out which is the mucus plug. and then I kept feeling like pooping. and of course contractions. You can do it mummy..💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

I didn't know I was in early stage labour and thought it was food poisoning. My boy came 1wk earlier his EDD.

Excited but nervous at same time since i was a ftm.. Still felt surreal till 1st night with bb at home..

i feel i want to poo my back pain increase peeing, im give birth at 37 weeks

I had very bad tailbone pain that time. Didnt know it was contraction.

super excited!