My 2yo son does not seem to be too social. He cries when he meets new people and doesn't want to play with other kids his age. What is happening? Is this normal?

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It's absolutely normal. He is just 2-year-old and you are expecting too much from him. Different kids have different understanding and acceptability of socialising. Some kids are very playful, like people around them while others like familiar faces and their own home set up. Don't push him into doing what he doesn't want. If you will do this, he will become more cranky and cling to you. Let him take his own time to open up. And if he isn't comfortable, let him be. He is just two, may be, he requires more time to develop interest in social mingling. I think take him out to the parks, malls, zoo and kids friendly places more often, not to mingle with kids or new people but just to get used to the environment that has new faces, kids, animals. Let him first be comfortable with the environments that are different from what he sees at home.

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it is absolutely normal. babies will go through a lot of phases, where they will suddenly turn very social, then very clingy and unsocial and then the entire thing goes on a repeat mode again. do not worry much and let your baby be. do not force him to go out and meet people or play. be around with him and take him to outdoor places where he can see other kids, such as the garden, play area and the like. let him do what he feels comfortable doing. you can simply carry books and sit and read those to him, or play with him. as he grows, he will again start taking interest in others and make friends.

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at this age your baby is experiencing what is known as stranger anxiety. he will get scared and insecure around people he does not know. also, in a lot of cases, he may want to be only with you or the father, and not go to other members of the family as well. all this is normal, as babies go through all these phases. if you force him to be social, it will only lead to a negative effect. let him get comfortable and take his own time. he will get friendly and social later when he wants.

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Yep it's normal! 2yo is a age where they start to have stranger anxiety