Kicking on left side

Hi all, am 27 weeks pregnant and tired to sleep on my left side always most of the time feeling more uncomfortable but now a days my baby is kicking more on left side can't sleep on left if I sleep on right he didn't kick much he s very silent,is it safe to safe to sleep on right? Pls suggest me

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Yes. You can also try putting one pillow or bolster behind your back when you sleep on your left & you rest your back on the pillow/bloster. It was not very comfortable for me at first, but I try to do that. Better for baby.

I think both sides will be alright, just not lying on back position. Afterall, it's kinda hard and uncomfortable to maintain a left side sleeping position for the entire night. One need to change positions regularly.

Midwife mentioned there is no preferred “side”. Left or right is fine as long as you don’t lie on your back for too long. Nowadays I feel more comfortable sleeping on my right side too (35wks).

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I understand.. I prefer on right less movement while on left kicks a lot .. but I try to turn once awhile whenever I’m sore . I’m 35 weeks and it’s hard as baby kicks are getting stronger 🥺

Yup any side will be fine as long you sleep on your side. For me, I will sleep on the left first and when i wake up in the middle of the night.. I will turn the other to avoid cramps lol

My gynae says as long as we're not on the back! My baby didn't likes it when I sleep on my left too, so I usually sleeps on my right and will turn to my left every now and then :)

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I slept on the left and sometime stretch by going to the right for awhile then back to left

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Yup just remember to sleep on your side, and not your back

Yup either side is fine. Just don’t sleep on your back.

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Either side is fine. 😊