feeling low

14 weeks pregnant and feeling so low.feel like cant do anything and tired all the time ?

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kelan kaya matatapos ang paglilihi sobra aq nahihirapan 14weeks naq hindi aq makakain ng maayos lagi nasusuka at sobra tamad ko 2ND Child ko na to naiiyak nlng aq kasi napakaselan sa pagkain naawa ko sa hubby ko kahit Gabi nahanap sya pagkain ko 😔

14 weeks here too. seem to be sleeping abit more but energy is definitely getting slightly better. sporadic spats of energy. And would knock out after 🤣 feeling like an old dog. looking forward to gaining more energy in the next few weeks!

Same.. you’re not alone. I’m at 16 weeks and just want to lie in bed all day everyday. It’s the hormones. Be sure to drink plenty of water and have a little rush of sugar in a day to boost your energy. We can do this!

2y ago

Oh ok.more power to u mommy👍

Same here. I am also 14 weeks pregnant and I swear if I could I would stay in bed and sleep all day long.

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Hang it there, 40 weeks will be over and maybe you'll wish the baby is back in your tummy some of the days! Lol

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same! but after 20 weeks i am so active! so for now, drink more plain water ok and have plenty of rest. your hormones is changing

14 weeks pregnant now and I've been doing 12h night shifts dealing w COVID patients. literally so tired and mentally drained

3mo ago

Stay strong mummy 💪

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ganyan dn ako , early in the morning , ginigising ako ng hubby , ko pupuntahan pala kami ..tamad tlga ako 😅

Same here. 14 weeks already 2nd tri but still feeling lazy and unmotivated for work or anyhtubg else

Same here.. 14 weeks and feel so tired.. Dragging myself out of the bed each day to work...

10mo ago

same here