Feeling lethargic all the time.

Hi, I am in my 6th week. Am always feeling super tired and lethargic. I sometimes get headaches as well as a result of resting too much. I dont have much energy to do anything. During the day, I take too many naps and cant sleep at night. Do you mummies feel the same?

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I felt the same during my first few weeks of pregnancy till I had to take time off from work. Totally had no mood for anything and just rested throughout the day. Try avoiding too many naps during the day. I made sure I only napped once (or twice max) for a minimum of 15mins in the afternoon, and just lay on the sofa. Do go out for a walk too if you can, for some fresh air. First trimester is crucial, so take care mummy!

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Yup it’s normal! My first trimester was like that too. Felt really unproductive cos I was exhausted all the time so I just stayed in bed and slept always. But hang in there, it gets better when you enter second trimester! :)

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Yes! I had that till my mid second trimester. I sleep all day and only wakes up for food, pee, poop, shower and eat. At times i couldnt get myself to wake up at all

It's normal! I had to nap after every meal during my first trimester. Things got better in the 2nd Tri and I got my energy back! Hang in there mummy!

My first trimester was like that too. I felt so lethargic and took naps at work during lunch. No energy and appetite to even eat. At night, I slept early.

yes I feel that too, constipation really exist oh my god. 😢 but it's okay because just a normal behavior of being pregnant.👌

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I take 1 short nap in the day during early afternoon (~2-3 hrs) so as not to disrupt my night sleep. The energy will return, hang in there!

I was super tired in my first tri too... You'll get better when you reach your second :)

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It's normal , do consult your gynae if you don't feel well take care!

I sleep alot. Day and night.