Ask the Expert Series: Caring for your kids eyes

According to Singapore National Eye Centre's Myopia Centre (SNEC), by Primary 6 the myopia rate amongst children in Singapore is as high as 65% ? Hence, for this Ask the Expert Session we have TWO experts who will be answering all your questions on myopia and how to care for your kids eyes ?? These two experts are Chen Weiwen: founder of My Eye Matters and Janet Chung: Principal Optometrist, PediaOptix. So start asking your burning questions in the comments section on caring for your kids eyes!

Ask the Expert Series: Caring for your kids eyes
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Dear all, it has been our pleasure to address your concerns about your kids' eyes today. We are happy to answer more questions you have. Please drop us a note at [email protected], whatsapp 88501568 or visit if you wish to book an appointment with Janet for an eye exam for your kid. She sees kids as young as 6 months old! Good night!

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Thank you everyone for your questions, hope we have answered some of your concerns. Do reach out to us should you need more help. Good night!