Ask the Expert Series: Caring for your kids eyes

According to Singapore National Eye Centre's Myopia Centre (SNEC), by Primary 6 the myopia rate amongst children in Singapore is as high as 65% ? Hence, for this Ask the Expert Session we have TWO experts who will be answering all your questions on myopia and how to care for your kids eyes ?? These two experts are Chen Weiwen: founder of My Eye Matters and Janet Chung: Principal Optometrist, PediaOptix. So start asking your burning questions in the comments section on caring for your kids eyes!

Ask the Expert Series: Caring for your kids eyes
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Super Mum

Can exposing the child to more nature like visiting gardens, nature reserve, does it help to prevent early myopia

2y ago

Spending more than 2 hours outdoors a day can help to delay or prevent myopia onset, but myopia is a combination of genetic and environmental factors. For example, for a child with 2 myopic parents, 14 hours of outdoor time a week is needed to mitigate the genetic effect. How many kids in Singapore can go outdoors for 14 hours a week?:)