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My 10mth old LO loves to be carried most of the time and even then is selective about the people who can carry her (mainly only me and my helper). She also doesn’t like to sit in a pram (tried both facing us and facing away which didn’t work) & would rather be in a carrier. Some nights she also refuse to sleep in her own cot and seem to only settle to sleep when she feels someone is with her. I’m wondering if any of you experienced the same and if you have any tips to make your LO more independent? - Mummy Koala ?

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Its probably because all these while the care givers are giving in to her wants. It will take awhile to train her to be independent, and you will experience alot of her crying. Start of by not carrying her so often. One thing at a time. U can start of by putting her into the cot. Her own sleeping area. No carrying but u can be beside. She will definitely cry.. But u have to win this battle. After that you can train on pram, make sitting pram interesting, maybe start of with a special toy that she can only play on the pram. She has to unds that crying doesn't mean winning :)

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