Breastfeeding survey lang po..

1. What are your common problems during breastfeeding? (Please mention as many as u can) 2. How did you deal with them? Pls explain each. 3. How do you extract milk from the breast? 4. Do you have any difficulties? Why? 5. What do you suggest to other breastfeeding moms?

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1. Can't do household chores as soon as possible. 2. Need to make my LO in his deep sleep or in a mood to play by himself 3. By latching 4. No, my LO is good at latching 5. You need to trust yourself as well as your LO. They are the first one who can help you with your breastfeeding problem. The breastfeeding session is your bonding moment with your LO so treasure each moment. One day you will surely missed them by the time they can stand on their own.

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