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First pregnancy, should I report it?

At the end of the day, we all want the safest and best for our little one. However I still cannot forget the horror experience I had with these Assistant OBs' in the labor room-- in this Hospital. I was on my 36th weeks when I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) but my husband and I suspected that we got a wrong diagnosis as i was on fasting for more than 10hrs which caused for your blood sugar to spike up. Hence, we were told that normal delivery might not be possible due to the finding and my little one was still on frank breech position. So I was advice to do some diet by my Endocrinologist as we cannot repeat my OGTT due to I was on my full term already. Come 38th weeks, I had my ultrasound and still my baby didnt move an inch ha!--- Still on frank breech position. And so that same day, we decided to have my delivery the following day. It was a very smooth sailing day for us. Already prepared our things, reserved our hospital room and even had a very hearty dinner as i was only given until 10pm to eat for a 6am procedure the following day. Not until i was already admitted and stayed in the labor room so they can monitor. One assistant OB asked to do an IE to check if there was a chance for a normal delivery(SOP)--that was around 8pm. There was a negative feeling but i trusted them enough and just let them do what they know. So this assist. confirmed that my cervix still did not open as it was on 1cm. Thought that its gonna end there until they did another IE and another and another where i got a total 4 IEs from these 3 assistant OBs. I was already bleeding on the second IE. (Ang sarap nilang murahin tatlo!) This brought me so much distress and my cervix to open to 4cm(but still did not feel any labor pain). Imagine the feeling of squeezing your abdomen down to prove that they were feeling something hard inside and assumed thay it might be the head! It still brings me in tears and trauma whenever i remember that night. I spoke to my husband and already teary-eyed but not trying to lose it as i dont want my baby to lose it too. My husband was furious and these assists decided to call a sonographer to do a final ultrasound. Like seriously? They did not bother to check my documents and performed medical procedure which i thought can be considered malpractice! The sonologist confirmed that the baby is frank breech and the hard part that they are feeling was the tailbone of my baby! I was trying to hold my tears and the sonologist saw that and told me to relax as I knew these assists forced my cervix to open as so not to perfom a C-Section which scared me and lost trust already. There was this assist also asked me to spew the last bite of bread i had at 9:45pm as it might cause danger on my procedure. It was really ridiculous! And told her that i was given until 10pm to eat and there was no directives by my OB if there are changes. I felt the tension because the Sonologist was scolding these assists and why didnt check the records first or call her first; That i cannot be this stress as its dangerous to deliver a baby butt first in a normal section! And I was trying to calm myself and praying for my little one already. So they already put me to bed and waited until 6AM -- November 18, 2019 to deliver my child. My OB came and did the procedure. 6:30AM a healthy and normal baby was out(C-Section Delivery)! At that moment, thats all i wanted but i am waiting for this time to tell this story of mine as my first pregnancy. I had the best OB but I am not sure if I will come back thinking that I will have to see these assist OBs again. Now my little one is turning 3 months and whenever I look at her, I'm still thanking God for keeping us safe that night.

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First pregnancy, should I report it?
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