My LO of 6 mths just started having fussiness in latching after having blocked nose. Is there anyway to let him latch in peace like the past? #parenttown

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I found that the baby's position matters,especially if he has blocked nose. You can try nursing this way: you lie down on your back (raise your body about 45°) while baby's tummy is on your tummy. It is a bit tiring though. Hope this helps!

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The baby has discomfort in breathing for sure that's why she's fussy when latching. Agreed with Grace above that you should successfully remove the mucus first from baby's nose. This will relieve her pain in breathing in and out air while feeding which is important. I've experience the same when my child has colds and everytime I feed her she'll just cry out loud. What I did is pump out the mucus from her nose, did what pedia told me to do - put 2-3 drops of nasal drops on each of her nostrils them pump. When nothing blocks her breathing she was able to eat in peace.

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Hi Vanessa, I am using this pigeon tube mucus suction to remove the mucus. Once you succeeded in removing the mucus, your lo will feel much better when she drinks milk. You may try the onion remedy too. Cut one onion to put around baby cot or the place he is sleeping. Put vicks at his feet area and cover it with socks.

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