It's been a few months that hubby and I haven't had sex as we are both too tired. Will it affect our marriage? #parenttown

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Somehow or another it will be affected slightly. but you don't need sex to make the marriage run. Just cuddle each other during bedtime is good enough. That skin contact is good enough to make you two fall in love all over again

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try and take a break dear. if you both are happy with each other and are still attracted to each other, why not make some time out for yourselves and revive your sex life? while sex is not all, a lack of it can actually ruin relationships

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Intimacy is important in marriage but isn't everything. Try to spend some quality time together, doesn't really matter whether it's sex or not.

maybe, yes.

Is marriage all about sex?


If your hubby don’t get sex, he will obtain it from somewhere else. There are so many avenues to obtain it from. He will soon come to terms that u r no longer required as u r not the only source giver he can obtain from. This is how marital affairs will sip in. You don’t provide, someone else is more than glad to provide.

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Better to have

It probably depends on how much hub values physical contact. 😂

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I don't think so... its not necessary to have sex always.