My baby is now 7 mths old. he has ben crying practically every night even halfway through his sleep. He wakes up every 1-2 hrs crying but because of hunger. He just wishes to be carried to sleep. Any remedy to help? #parenttown

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My baby girl Co sleep with us.... she also will take pacifier... if not try to give your baby her favourite soft toy and left them to lie on the bed them self and pat their butt. ...try not to carry too often..... they will get use to it...... babies are very clever.... try not to let them nap too long in the day... my little girl woke up for 3 hours between her nap and she nap around 2 hrs... last nap normally 4pm and at night she sleep at 9pm the latest till next morning 8am..

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Hi strong mother, sounds that you have hard time. Well, every babies are different. No remedy to help actually. 😔 If I may recommend, please find what your baby like/prefer. For my baby(he is now 1 year), he likes to sleep with me while I do breastfeeding. our way is: nurse to sleep. With my husband, was the same as your way: be carried to sleep. Now, my son is 1 year old and he still wake up in the night 2 times!!

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your baby doesn't know how to sleep on his own that's why he's waking up every 1-2 sleep cycle (each cycle is approx 50-60min in length). my boy is exclusively BF and he sleeps through the night at 5 months old with a few awakenings which are normal and often brief. he puts himself to sleep subsequently without the need to nurse.

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Have you established a bedtime routine yet? I love this page, it has some really good ideas on getting babies to sleep:

Hi, are u co sleeping with baby? My LO sleeps better when we co sleep. U can also try the following: 1) milk 2) pacifier 3) rub ru yi you on baby's tummy and sole

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What stops the crying? If hunger, why not feed milk? Sometime can be growth spurt phases lasting some days. Need to analyze the behavior and get to the root.

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Using any pacifier, if you r not Latching? Sometime they wan comfort, and pacifier was a help as i wasn't latching.

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Pacifier. Trying giving some milk. If you are traditional, old ppl say put an angbao/jade piece under pillow.

I normally will pacify by latching or a bottle of milk . I do not wean the night feed until after 1 year old.