Am giving tuition currently and still expressing milk at the same time. It is very taxing for me cos need to race with time. Any suggestions? LO is 6 mths old.

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Use the freemies! I personally loved freemies as I can be handsfree and mobile and can basically do anything I want. Give it a try!

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I read working mothers posted that usually they sacrifice their lunch hour and also wake up in middle of night to pump. I know it is hard but mom's love is stronger, so i'm sure you can do it too.

Do you mean that you don't have time to express milk now that you have a job giving tuition? How often are you giving tuition? If you have a fixed schedule, you could find some time before and after to pump. Most of my friends pump at night, after baby is asleep. It is not ideal but at least it gives you some quiet alone time to express milk.

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