How to encourage or make kids of age 2, 5 & 8 to eat more vegetables? #parenttown

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You can try making these: (replace kale with spinach and you will get spinach chips) These are easy to make, healthy and delicious even to the children. They are crunchy and many children won’t even know that they are eating vegetables! Also, once they get used to the "snack" version of these, they may find it easier to have the same vegetables in their regular meals. Another one you can try is making mashed cauliflower. Simply replace potato with cauliflower and you will get another type of vegetable in disguise. Have fun experimenting!

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my son don't like vegetables too i use to cook more longer time let the vege more soft so he can no need chewing too long and now he eat vegetables.

you can set a good example by eating more vegetables yourself. you can also check out apps and recipes online that teaches you how to make interesting and yummy veggie snacks like pancakes etc

You can make them tasty by adding ketchup to these vegetables....or some lemon juice and salt to these boiled vegetables.

make cabbage , carrot n tomato boil as soup base.

My daughter gags when she chews on veggies but she loves Greenday Brocolli chips. Everyone in the family eats vegetables even her younger brother but she just hates it although sometimes she'll ask for it cuz eating veggies can make her beautiful

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Other family members should be eating the same.

Parents should be a good example to them. You should show them that you are eating the veggies and make it look so yummy. Slowly let them try. It will not be immediate it will take time. Let them try first to veggies with nice taste or tasteless. Start by mixing it with the food they love even just small pieces. Then slowly increase the size until they can eat it. You can try to reward them once they eat their veggies

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eat with them

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Let them grow their own veggies. Then include them in the preparation pag nagluluto ka na.