My Baby Is Rejecting Bottle

Im going back to work next month so I started bottle fed baby at 2.5 mo 3 weeks ago. I'm very upset that she is rejecting the bottle. She is hungry, keep crying and screaming her lung out and looking for my breast. She rather suck her thumb than sucking the bottle. I've tried Philips avent, pigeon and now using hegen. So far she only able to take bottle feed few times using hegen. Most of the time she is rejecting. Any mom here encounter this problem? Please share with me how do you deal with this.

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Super Mum

My baby rejected the bottle for 3 months. Lol. I can only laugh about it now, because my husband finally succeeded in feeding her after so long. 1) you cannot be the one feeding her with the bottle. She’ll get upset that you’re not latching her. So it should be your husband or someone else doing the bottle training, or ideally the person who’s going to take care of her when you go back to work 2) she needs to be fed in a place she doesn’t associate with you. Again, in that room, she expects you to latch her on 3) upsize the teat to the 3m+ one if you haven’t. Babies hate slow flow rates at this age 4) bring her outside of the house during the day time to try feeding. The white noise there + sunlight overwhelms the senses, so she gets distracted for a while and may be more agreeable to suck from the bottle. At 4m+, my husband succeeded on the rocker, because my LO would play with the dangling toys and then agree to suck 5) if you really can’t get her to drink, consider sending her to some parentcraft specialists for bottle training. Takes some stress off you:) Bottle training for babies who prefer direct latching doesn’t succeed in a day. It may take days/weeks, so keep persevering and don’t feel too stressed. Eventually, when they are hungry, they will drink. They do have some survival instincts. In the meantime, there will be some wasted milk, some frustration and some panicking, but from someone who just went through this recently... It will get better soon!

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9mo ago

Haha okok, cross finger she will accept both bottle and direct latch soonest possible 😁