Baby Vaccination Side Effect

Dear mummies, my baby just has 6 in 1 vaccination today and she kept crying after the vaccination and can't sleep well. Is it normal and if your baby experience this too, how long the side effect usually last?

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Should be fine

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Yes normal. Baby may get fever too .

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It’s normal. Give him/her one or 2 days to recover :)

Dats normal

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Yes normal should be fine after two days...

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my baby also like that, so I gave her paracetamol prescribed by the PD

10mo ago

btw my baby rarely cries, so when she cries out of blue, there is something wrong with her, thats why I gave her paracetamol, but only one dose, cos usually vaccines fever only last for 24 hours

My baby didnt cry. She jz had fever. Maybe you try to carry and soothe her longer. Probably she jz needs someone to hold her to feel secure.

10mo ago

Yeap. I understand. I had an episode when my baby cried alot too when she was teething. Made me cry too 😭