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Need recommendations on baby bottles
Need parent to recommend if there are any great bottle bottles I should give it a try ? My baby doesn't seem to like the current one ( Tommee Tippee )
Pigeon okay , puting botol mcm puting ibu & if baby still direct bf. Baby tak kan nipple confuse. My baby also dah try anakku, tommee tippee,nuk. tp die suke pigeon ☺️
Try nuk...3 -6 holes dia cam ibu punya.
You should try Hegen
Mam & pigeon
Como tomo, avent n pigeon... Pigeon is the best for me mse ank bru nk start botol.... Try n error sis.. Pigeon tu puting Susu nye cm nipple mumy. So mybe bby bole trime..
Anyone bought pre natal insurance ?
Anyone know if it is worth it ?
We did.. its worth it if u understand the important of it for ur babies..
Really worth it. It covers our unborn child till born. Do contact ur agent. Btw, this is from AIA Pre Natal plan
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Pregnant women inhale helium?
What will happen when a pregnant women inhales helium?
As long as not too much, should be fine. But if anything alarming happens, kindly seek doctor immediately
Vomit after taking formula milk for the first time
My daughter near 5months old drank formula milk(Enfalac A+) for the first time and she vomitted, we tried the second time and again the same thing again she vomitted. Anyone have encounter this before
I used to give my daughter enfalac too but she vomit after having it. After that i changed to friso gold..and she love it so much.
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Most likely your baby is not taking the formula milk brand too well. Try easing her to formula with goat milk (karrihome). It helps with absorption and is milder than formula cow milk. Good luck!