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TV: Childhood Myopia


Singapore is #1 in the world for the prevalence of childhood myopia in seven to nine year olds.This is one Singapore statistic that we’d all like to change. Whether it’s because of the studying children do, genetic factors, or lighting conditions, myopia is extremely common in Singapore. With the increase in children using devices such as mobile phones and tablets at a younger age, what can you as a parent do to prevent myopia for your child?Through an in-depth discussion on childhood myopia, Dr Titus Wu, one of the only two certified Orthokeratologist specialists in Singapore, will answer your questions on best practices to prevent and control your child’s myopia, as well as suitable treatments such as Orthokeratology or PROSE for children with myopia.
while for ages we have been told to hold the book a little far while reading, i came across this article that says that this is in fact a myth! take a look.. according to this, children can focus as per requirement even when the book is close, and this will not cause any stress on their eyes and not lead to myopia. this article also says that there is really no way to prevent myopia, and that reading and screen time won't really cause or worsen it.
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