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Am pregnant 25 weeks now I wake up my stomach was down and my waist is paining a lot ...
Please see your gynae asap


Today I reached 24 weeks but since Monday my stomach is hard and I have leg cramps .....24 weeks is how many months ,
6 months


My breast are paining and they show green blood streams and they are swollen blood...any advices please help


I wake up today my left breats is paining and its big than the right one....I can see green veins on it it normal or should I 23 weeks
Chances are milk ducts clog. Do you have a lacation therapist? Do some breast massage first, hopefully no need to take antibiotics. Please see a dr if you cannot tolerate, having infected milk ducts a

hospital bag

What are important things on a hospital
Just clothes for u and your baby to change into when its time to go home. Everything else like diapers n wet wipes will b provided by the hosp..

about sex during pregnancy

Hie everyone is it normal to not like having sex during pregnancy..when it's time to have sex ,l have this thing that makes me angry and we end up fighting with my hubby ...he qustions if you are not
Avoid getting angry. Sit down and talk to him why you dont feel like having sex. It could be the pregnancy hormones.


Which weeks do you start feeling baby kicks
20! :)


This is my second first pregnancy i was very young now i have grown..l wanted to ask 18 weeks is how many months?