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For sale: DHEA 25mg + Vitamin B Complex

Some trying to conceive may have heard about DHEA. I have for sale brand new (unopened): - 1 × MRM Nutrition DHEA 25mg, 90 caps (Exp 08/24) - 3 x Puritans Pride DHEA 25mg, 100 caps (Exp 10/23) - 1 × Life Extension Complete B-Complex, 60 caps (Exp 03/24). Studies show that DHEA can support anti-ageing, muscle growth and fertility. See, for example Search also recent study article on the Asian Parent. Vitamin B Complex is known for its energy maximisation and nerve healing properties Both bought during periods of injury recovery and are no longer needed. (Hubby is not keen on having more kids). I'd rather not waste them so happy to sell for just $10 each or a reasonable offer

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For sale: DHEA 25mg + Vitamin B Complex
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