Stain on teeth for my 23 months boy

Hi mummies, I realised my boy's teeth has this black thin stains, we have try many ways to make him brush teeth but he refused. I am afraid it is tooth decay. Any mummy here facing the same issues?

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My son has the same issue. Brought him to see a dentist. It's not tooth decay but stains caused by food. The stains don't affect the health of the teeth. It's just ugly. Just have to make sure you try to get him to clean his teeth. I alternate between using tooth wipes, which he likes and would do it himself, and using toothbrush and kids toothpaste that taste nice. The dentist advised that I bring him to see her again when he's older around 3 years old when he can listen to instructions like open the mouth. I brought him there when he's about 24 months. Right I'm just trying my best to keep his oral health in check. Not easy but must try different ways.

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3y ago

exactly he is scared of grinding sound and refused to used wipes. i am super worried that it is tooth decay. trying my best to make him brush his teeth as well. now I only can used oral spray for him to prevent oral smell. not sure if it is cause by his milk and I read online that blue berries does stain the teeth. he love to eat blue berries. not sure if I should stop giving

Hi, from my experience as a teacher, the black stains are signs of tooth decay in children. This is what been told by the parents. I guess its best for you to bring to those children dentist and ask for more details. Hope this helps.

3y ago

oh my cause I see another coming out and I am scare. my boy refused to open mouth. tried wipes also useless