Hi breastfeeding mummy, may I check does your LO still wake up in the middle of the night for night feed? What are your feeding schedule like? 2 hours 1 feed or 3 hours 1 feed?

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Super Mum

My 2.5 month old wakes up for feeding every 2-4 hrs at night

Super Mum

Mine 13 month wake up every 3 hour for feed never fail since birth. I always dream latch.

Super Mum

My 9mo still wakes up at least 3 times to feed. Just follow baby's cue. I bf her in the sideting position so i get my sleep too

2 months old. Still wakes up. Depends 3/4 hours but nurse with eyes closed and then fall back asleep within 30 mins.

Depend individual baby. My 2 month plus sleep thru the nite until morning. Her time vary as sometime she wake up 7am plus or 9am plus 10.