Panorama Test Vs Harmony&Oscar Test

Hi! Im currently 9 weeks and i just did my check up with KKH. I’m under subsidies patients and I realised the fees isnt that low. I requested for Harmony & Oscar test , as both me and partner used to be smoker in the past. The fees is roughly about $800ish for Harmony & $170ish for Oscar. Im consulting another private gynae recommended me for panorama for $1000. Which would be a better option for us? Me & My husband 33 this year.

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KKH do offer first trimester screening between about week 11 to 13. Its quite accurate for down syndrome in early trimester. I paid around $200 plus. Once low risk, doc will just tell u dont need to do other test for down syndrome alr

Hi... panorama is the leading prenatal screening test. If you decide to go for panorama test, you don’t have to go for Oscar and harmony test. It is cheaper.