Hi mummies. Anyone got recommendation on how to stop leaks from breasts? Any recommended pads maybe? TIA!

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Super Mum

At home, you can use haaka and you may use a shell shield when you are outside. Because every drop is gold, I will collect them instead of stopping.

3y ago

Thank you so much! :)

At 22 weeks and also experiencing white liquid leaks from my left side. Got quite shocked at first as also a first time mummy here. 😅

3y ago

We are on the same boat! :)

Pigeon breast pads Homeycomb is good You may like to hand express or pump out when it’s leaking/milk let down

3y ago

You are welcome :) Enjoy your pregnancy and motherhood when your LO arrive! :)

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Pls dont pump or do anything to your boobs cos you r still pregnant and it may trigger contractions!

3y ago

Noted on this! Thank you!