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Hi mummies! How heavy is your baby now or when they were born? ?

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I had a boy, birth weight 4.76 KG, but that’s not normal. Considered quite big! 🤪 At 7 weeks he was 6.6 KG.

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Birth weight : 2.9kg 1y1m weight : 11.5kg Breastmilk really helps babies to be healthier.☺️

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Boy: 3kg at birth, 15kg now at 3.5 yrs old Girl: 3.2kg at birth, 10.9kg now at 22 months old.

My baby boy 3.732kg and 54cm at birth, now he is 2months 10 days and 6.2kg and 62cm


Gave birth at 36+5 weeks, baby weight 3.2kg. 6 month old weight 7.5kg.

3.2kgs at birth and now 10kgs at 10months

Birth at 2.75kg Now 4.5 months at 6.2kg

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Birth weight 3365g Now 3460g at 3 weeks

birth: 2.745 now coming 9mnths, 8+ kg

Birth: 3.36kg Now 6 months plus: 9kg