At what age did you move out of your parents' place?

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I moved out of my parents' place when I was 19, when I first started working. My office bus used to come pretty far from where my parents lived, so it was difficult for me to first reach there and then take the bus, especially during late nights and weird shift hours. I did move out for about 2 years, then went back again when I changed jobs :)

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I did not move out myself but was forced to move out by my own mother at age of 28 with my 1 year old baby and she loudly declared "I have finished my part as your mother and why should I continue to take care of you and the baby born with your s*** boyfriend....

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I did not really move 'out' from my parents' place, but stayed away for about 6 months as I was taking a course and the place was far from where I lived with my parents. I moved closer to the institute to avoid too much time in commuting.

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I always lived with my parents till the time I got married. Actually, most people in India still do that, unless you are working in some other city. Most still live with their parents after marriage, in a joint family setup.

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I moved when I was 18 for college from a smaller town to the capital. But at the age of 23 my parents moved in with me and sold our old place. And with my husband I moved when I was 29. 😊

28 years old... pero kahit I was staying with parents I was single and working naman so helping sa expenses ng bahay

Right after college graduation I moved out of my parents' house and started living on my own.

When I got married at 20years old. But I moved into my husband place with his family

18 to go to university, then lived with my boyfriend at 22, then married him at 26.

I went solo after graduation and started working.