What are your plans/resolutions for 2017? :)

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My husband and I have to lose weight asap! We've been eating left and right during the holidays. It's time to put on our gym clothes and cut the holiday fats!

Mine is to be more patient with my kids. I lose my patience very fast and this is what I am working upon. Hope, I am a new person this year, patience wise. :)

Achieve work-life balance. I have been too engrossed with work though I'm also a stay at home mom. It's already taking toll on my health. Not good anymore.

Hey, My New Year resolution is to make more and more home food. I would say no to food with preservatives. Even thought of baking bread for my children.

Look for additional income streams so we can easily save up for the kids' future. I also plan to pay up all existing loans as possible.

More savings, career growth, better figure at least one exicting trip with my hubby and daughter -- these are the top on my list :)

Eradicate toxic people in my life. Charot! lol magtipid, wag pumatol sa chismis, at mas alagaan ng mabuti ang mga bata

To be punctual in everything and to save more money to be used in emergency cases like unplanned pregnancy. :)

Mas magiging matipid na kami sa lahat ng bagay. More bank savings and investments for us this year.

To work hard so that we can save for our house's pending construction.