How long does "cradle cap" last? Is there anything I can do to make it go away faster?

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Hi Cristina, I do not think you should intervene unless the condition persists and do not get resolved on its own. All I would say that you can try is oiling baby's scalp and making the scales soft. After sometime, the scales come out when you rub them gently. Also, I am sharing a link with you that you can go through to understand what you can do get it resolved.

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Hi, It usually dissapear on its own after a few weeks and I think one should not do anything and wait for them to go away on their own. As one's intervention may cause rashes on the scalp and can cause the skin to redden. All you should do is wash head everyday while bathing and massage the scalp gently everyday and the scales would on its own come out over the period of time. Oiling too helps.

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It stays on baby's head for a couple of weeks and it just disappears little by little. You don't need to anything as it may hurt the baby. Some put baby oil on baby's scalp before bath time.

It will disappear on its own. What you can do is apply some olive oil or coconut oil before shower. Bath baby and brush babies hair gently after shower.

It will eventually disappear on its own. Everytime you bathe the baby, bits of it flush away.

You can try virgin coco oil. It worked for my lo