Santa exists - yay or nay?

Do you encourage your kids to believe in Santa Claus? Why/why not? :)

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Yes, I do, because I think that the best part about being a kid is that we are allowed to believe in fairytales, wonderlands, magic, etc., and remembering my childhood I really cherish those memories where my mum used to tell me such stories. On Christmas I would wait for Santa to get me a gift, though eventually I did discover that Santa was none other than my mom and dad. So, I guess we should let children know the world of imagination because it is a major reason of awe in their lives. And as kids grow up they on their own figure out about the reality and the fantasy world. So, why not let them live that make-believe moments.

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I wouldn't really "encourage" them to believe in Santa Claus but I wouldn't burst their bubble also. If I were to encourage this belief, and they do grow up believing it, they might feel cheated y'know? As they grow older, they will realise for themselves so I guess just let things flow? haha

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I don't encourage the belief of Santa Claus, but we encourage the spirit of giving instead! Every special occasion we have is seen as a way to give back :)

Nope. For us, forcing them to believe in Santa Claus deviates the real essence of CHRISTmas.