Anybody tried ordering confinement catering? Any recommendation for catering tat is not too ex? Tian Wei Confinement catering looks good but the pricing is too high for me to afford. Am thinking if it is possible to find one where e food is acceptable & a little more cheaper? Thanks!

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Why not look for homebased type. If you keen let me know I check with my neighbour if she is stil doing

3y ago

Sure no worries :)

Natal essentials.

3y ago


I did; I ordered from natal essentials. Food potions are huge and not to oily for me. However, some of my friends find their food bland but to me. I suggest you order the trial meal from different caterers before you place your order. Some of my friends actually order 2 weeks from each caterers to have different variety.

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3y ago

Ok. Thanks for e info!

Expecting your no 2 . Actually you can try looking for confinement lady who cook meals instead . Or you can try "rich food" they might be the cheaper

3y ago

some got trial so is cheaper

The prices i did tried comparing before. It's around the same too

3y ago

so the only way right now, is to find the meal that you like. Some catering keeps on repeating the same old food.