Do your husbands help you in doing the household chores on weekends to give you a well-deserved break from taking care of your babies during weekdays?

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Yes, my husband does almost all the household chores since we're both stay at home. I'm the one more focused on our online work and taking care of the kids, and he's the one in-charge of the cooking, doing the laundry, cleaning. We divide our responsibilities as we have 2 kids and no helper.

My husband does the cooking and the laundry. and since may allergies ako, I can't clean the house as well. Naka toka ako in washing the dishes, running errands and taking care of the kids.

Yep my husband does clean the entire house during weekends after his work out. That gives me more time to rest after a week of work and taking care of our baby.

Yes. My husband does the cooking every weekend. He also takes care of the baby (unless my daughter needs to breastfeed) so I can rest.

My husband helps me wash dishes every night and he brings our clothes to the laundry shop weekly and for that i really appreciate him.