How to be a parent and a wife

Sometimes its just so tiring--being a parent and a wife at the same time, like doing the household chores to keep the house clean, taking care of your baby, budgetting, planning and researching for the best products for your baby, trying out new recipes, organizing your home to make it more "home", and how to be slutty to your husband at the same time. ugh! everything is expected of us women! we are expected to be as graceful and sexy like a single woman yet hustle like a housemaid. What more if you are a working mother? Whole day working at the office or field and planning what to prepare for dinner on your way home. And when you get home, you pick up everything going messy around, pick up the baby, prepare for dinner, then wash the dishes. What time do you think you are finished by then? Nah! you are still to twerk to your husband to complete the day of your tasks! Then you sleep and wake up with the same things and same routine. How exhausting! SOS

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Hehe naiintindihan ko po yung saloobin mo mommy. Ganun talaga ang pagiging nanay. Nakakapagod pero rewarding naman pag nakita mo yung family mo na maayos mo na alagaan po.