At a young age of three, I observe some of the children from public playground that they "know how to bully" other children their age. What to do when the guardian/parents doesn't mind the wrong doing even they see it. My concern is not about my child, coz he knows how to "stay away" from those kids. Will it be okay to approach and tell them what's seem to be obvious?

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Hi, I know, it is very frustrating when you see this kind of behaviour not from kids but when parents endorse this behaviour from kids or when they do not make their kids understand what is right and what is wrong. In my case, I have experienced that all the time one cannot raise this with parents as some parents take it personally and become defensive. They do not see it as a larger issue than just taking the side of the kid. Instances where I see people being defensive and ready with arguments I take my child to play with other kids as I would not want to make a scene in front of my kid when and affect his peace of mind in any case, and at other times, I put my foot down, and in as polite a tone, put my point forward. But still I think, it is majorly the thinking of the parents that should be changed and only then can children learn the correct behaviour.

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