Seriously I don't understand why both parents can feedback that they can't control their children doing all the nuisance stuffs in school even after receiving all the concerned feedback from school teachers. Isn't discipline should start young? If the child is doing all the nuisance stuffs in school, can the parents just close one eye and say is just a kid? Are they going to wait until the child is older and had to resort to canes? Wouldn't this create resent from the child? Really don't know how the child was being taught at home when the mum is a FTHM... OMG

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I am 3 kids mummy.Some kids really can't control and punishment.When parent more control they will become more behaviour themself.If the child has behaviour problem they might send their child to counsellor.One of my son classmate,the child mother is a tuition teacher but she don't know how to teach and control her child. She try to use some punishment on her son but still the same thing happen.She very upset about this...😔

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Different children need different method of disciplining. I believe discipling them starts from day 1. If u have not been setting rules for them n ensuring that they follow the rules when they are young. Once they are of certain age, u try n discipline them, u can talk, scold, cane. It will not work anymore

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Well u don't stay in the family and each family and babies are different.. sometimes it's really not if the parents teach or not.. I'm saying this bcos honestly I feel we shdnt judged.. since young my mum had a hard time disciplining my brothers.. it's not that she doesn't.. but it's really beyond her control

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FTHM? Some parents are more relax in terms on discipling. One way is to teach ur child how to protect themselves if there were to be friend biting them or beating them. Teach your kids to defend for themselves.

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It's best not to judge. Its hard and as a parent yourself you know that not a one method works all the time. We should be more emphatic towards other parents